Contemporary Dental Office Managers of Ohio, “CDOMO” is a chapter of AADOM (American Association of Dental Office Managers) that provides a network for Dental Office Managers, Administrative Employees and Staff. CDOMO is a Non-Profit Organization and Study Club that allows the collaboration of dental leaders to learn, share and educate in a professional study club environment. 

Contemporary Dental Office Managers of Ohio’s mission is to compassionately assist Dental Administrative Professionals to achieve optimal training, growth, excellence and professionalism in the Dental Field. Our Contemporary Dental Office Managers of Ohio members will be provided opportunities to receive information about current issues and concerns that dental teams may encounter, build professional support systems, learn new strategies for growth and profit, and skills to excel in the dental profession.



As a 501(a)(c)(6) non profit organization, CDOMO is primarily funded through member dues and sponsorships. Please note that the officers, board members, or any other titled position in CDOMO are not paid positions. Our board members donate their time and resources solely for the benefit of the dental industry in Central Ohio.

CDOMO also welcomes and pursues the opportunity of sponsorships wherever possible from sources that relate to our industry to help keep the cost of membership as low as possible.

Krista Smith


AADOM Fellow

AADOM Lifetime Member

AADOM Ambassador

AADOM Dental Family Business Network Chairperson

Krista is Office Manager of

Powell Dental Group & Powell Dental Sleep Solutions, the offices of Dr. Shelley D. Shults. Krista has over 20 years of experience in General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Endodontics and Dental Sleep Medicine. Krista's experience in the dental industry  ranges from management, human resources, dental assisting, treatment planning and coordination, insurance claims, equipment and office repairs, and dental sleep medicine billing and practice management. In 2015, Krista earned her Fellowship in Dental Office Management from AADOM. Krista was also selected as an Honored Member of "Trademark Women of Distinction Honors Edition" in 2019.  


She is excited to have the opportunity to learn, grow and help others in the dental industry to excel and advance in their careers!

Amy Coliadis



AADOM Member

AADOM Dental Spouse Network Member


Amy is the Practice Manager of

New Albany Dental Care,

office of Dr. Nick Coliadis.

In addition to practice managing reponsibilities, she has worked

as a medical assistant, she has also

obtained her GXMO x-ray license and worked as a technician at a

diagnostic center. 

Amy looks forward to networking opportunities and meeting fellow professionals through the our local study chapter.


Brandy Carr

Board Member

AADOM Member

AADOM Fellow

Brandy is a Regional Director with Stonecreek Dental Care functioning as Lead Consultant and Lead of Transitions. She has over 20 years of experience in the dental field with vast knowledge of all aspects of dentistry.

Her passion is developing successful offices through confident team members trained in efficient processes, systems and leadership. Her role as well as her knowledge of dental has continued to evolve along with the growth of the DSO and

Stonecreek Dental Care.

She is passionate about both individual growth and the growth of our future leaders.

Brandy is excited about the opportunity to share the amazing things that both AADOM and our local chapter have to offer.

Tanya Adams

Board Member

AADOM Member


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